Please be informed that as of December 20, 2023, our international export is currently limited to our line of tiles. All other construction supplies are still in development. If you have urgent requests for other construction supplies, please feel free to contact us.

Hongyu ceramics

Hongyu Group's journey began in Foshan in 1997. From a local stone paving production company, Hongyu is now top 3 rating in tile manufacturing by scale in China. With offerings in every category, Hongyu is perfect for all your tile needs, commerical and residential.


Asa tiles

Founded in 1973, Asa is our oldest brand and our most esteemed, having paved the floors at the Greet Hall of the People and the Diaoyutai guest house. Asa has every kind of tile avaliable, with expertise in both commerical and residential.

Founded in 2000 and holding over 50 patents. Venizia is specialises in the most up to date and high-tech tiles in the mid to luxury price range.


Founded in 2003, KMY specialises in residential luxury tiles. KMY is known for their fashionable tile manufacturer, becoming popular with luxury real estate developers both in China and internationally.



Despite being only founded in 2008, vast expansion and automation means Itto's factories now occupy a combined 11,500 acres of land in 3 sites. With a perfected production line, Itto is perfect to serve your budget tile needs